Sunday, February 28, 2010

LOL, Fashion Addict!

I wanted to use a nice springy color, since it has been so cold and dreary out. I hadn't yet tried Color Club Fashion Addict (a lovely lavender holo), so I thought I'd try it to encourage spring to come a bit quicker. I used China Glaze LOL (medium blue-based purple holo) as a stamp with Konad plate m60. I like the dotted gradient makes me want to try sponging again! I love gradients. This came out very mod, not at all my usual style, but very fun nonetheless. :)

The first two were taken without flash. The third was taken with flash. All were taken under artificial light, as we had no sun!

I left this last one a little bigger so you could see some of that wicked holo that Fashion Addict has. The holo is quite strong, and very pretty.

One of my hands has more konad, using plate m26. I used Color Club Revvvolution and OPI DS Extravagance. I just thought it was a bit much, so only one of my hands was done that way. :P

Overall, application was good. I had no real problems with it, and it dried pretty quickly (as most holos do).

In other news, Travels with Euridice is having a really neat giveaway. The winner gets a whole hoard of holographic polishes. I love all that rainbow goodness. This runs until Friday, March 5th. Visit here for more details and pictures!

Until next time! <3

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