Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pre-New Year Mani

Hello! I'm Aquajogger, the other blogger here with my first post, another set of Chinese New Year nails. I actually did these the week before New Year, so they're not as fancy but they were fun to look at anyway.

This was actually my third try. I had found a bottle of Island Girl Yellow Out that I had never used, so I decided to give it a try as a base coat--not doing that again. An hour or so later, all my polish had come off in big nail-sized pieces. I tried again with a regular base coat, but I guess I didn't wash off all the residue properly (or two coats of Nubar Sugar made it too thick) because the same thing happened again. I finally got pictures of the finished product the next day on my third go at it.

1) Island Girl "Nail Stregthener"
2) OPI Conquistadorable Color (two coats)
3) Nubar Sugar (one coat)
4) Jordana Black (stamping)
5) Zoya Armor

Konad Plate: m8

Hope to post later with our haul from shopping on the 14th! :)

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