Sunday, October 31, 2010

Essie Wicked

Hello again, dear readers! I apologize for my extremely long absence. Things have been rather topsy-turvy for me in the last few months, but I'm happy to report that things seem to be settling down and I'm trying to get back to blogging.

This is last minute and of poor quality due to my actual camera being about 2000 miles away, but I thought it would be a start and rather fitting for tonight. Essie Wicked is a deep dark reddish brown, and of course, very vampy. In dim light it appears nearly black. I found the base color to be a rich wine or berry color, but it darkens to a deep chocolate with a few coats. Wicked indeed.

I love the gloss and durability I get from Essie polishes. I only have a couple, but I've really fallen for the formula. This lasted nearly five days with only minimal tipwear and no chipping.

I think a manicure like this deserves some classic Film Noir, don't you?

Until next time~!


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