Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Nails 2010

Happy belated Halloween! ♥

My actual Halloween nails weren't that spooky, but this is what I was wearing a few weeks earlier. Orly Glamrock stamped with silver and black bats on my right hand and silver spiders on black webs on my left! Pretty terrifying, am I right? I put a top coat on it to make it shiny, although Glamrock looks amazing matte as well. It took two coats to be totally opaque. The problem lay in the fauxnading (the konad spider was fine), or maybe the Wet n' Wild black. The spider webs in particular were a real pain to get on my nails.

Maybe because the stamping was such a hassle, the sun decided to cooperate with the pictures:

Way to set the atmosphere! That one sunbeam falling through my window onto the desk sure knew what it was doing! Unfortunately, my camera's pretty much dead, so I had to use a phone for these and didn't realize until later that I only had one good picture of my left hand.

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