Sunday, May 2, 2010

China Glaze TTYL

Hello again! It was nice and sunny when I did my nails for these pictures, so I wanted to use polish that could take advantage of that! I decided to try China Glaze TTYL since I hadn't used it yet but love the collection and layer Nfu Oh 38 on top of it. I was worried that since TTYL is so linear and subtle (compared to some of the other ones in the OMG collection) it would get eaten by the flakies. For a while when it was drying I thought that it really would just vanish, but fortunately I was wrong! Check it out~

No flash:


I think putting the Nfu Oh on top did change the base color a bit, which I didn't really like. Well, not change it so much (you can see it looks very much like the bottle color), but dull it a little. It had more intense color and holo before I put the flakies on. But hey. Flakies! ♥

The funny thing about wearing this was that depending on the light and the angle, I would either see strong holo or strong flakes. Dim lighting tended to bring out the Nfu Oh, but it also grayed out TTYL a little. I think next time I wear this color, I'll let it speak for itself.

I also put little pink flower rhinestones on my thumbs, just for fun. This was several weeks ago, but funnily I still know where both of them are. One of them fell into the drawer with all the nail polish when I was taking it off, and I found the other in my jacket pocket on Friday. They're following me!


  1. I think I have this one but not sure. LOL. Pretty.
    I'm going to announce your blog on a forum. Hope you get some more followers. You're great,

  2. I have this one but still didn't try it. It's great on you ! i'll give him a try next week :)

  3. susies1955: Thank you so much! ♥ That's really really sweet of you!

    Ayuu: You should definitely try it. :)