Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Week of Orlys! ORLY Iron Butterfly

Interrupting the chain of spring colors is the matte black with silver glitter ORLY Iron Butterfly! I guess butterflies are spring-y, though, so it's still keeping with the theme in that way...

No flash:

I stamped butterflies from Konad plate m78 with China Glaze Millennium. These pictures are actually taken after a day of wear, so the finish is more satin than matte. I didn't think it would change so quickly! Originally this did look very matte. Iron Butterfly went on very smooth and opaque--I think this is only two coats. I might have done three on a couple fingers to even out some patches, but if you have better application than I do that really wouldn't be a problem.

I hadn't tried any ORLYs before this and hadn't used mattes in a while, so this was very fun for me. I was considering ORLY goth as well, but am glad I chose Iron Butterfly. The polishes in that series look very rich for metals to me. They really have depth to them. I think the flash picture especially hints at that. It would be more visible if I had put a shiny topcoat on, but even when it was very matte it was very interesting to look at.

No flash:


The reason I did this mani was because a friend of mine wanted a bunch of us to dress up "sexy" when we went out to get sushi to celebrate the end of school/his birthday. Fortunately we had just ordered some polishes and this one arrived in the mail just in time. :)

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  1. Butterflies are pretty ! I live this polish, I tried it not so long ago and it's gorgeous. It looks also good with top coat :)