Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Lacquermuse and I agree that Icing's Blackout is one of the most awesome polishes ever! We have backups (yes, that is plural), because it is just that amazing. Blackout is a jelly black with holo glitter and looks great either built up by itself (3-4 coats) or layered over another black.

Unfortunately I didn't get the greatest pictures of it and the holo refused to photograph unless I used flash even though it's really very obvious in normal lighting.


Lacquermuse and I actually made a special trip to a mall farther away than we usually go (especially when there are two malls much closer by...) just to stop by at Icing and search for backups of this! I'm so glad this isn't a limited edition! It's so cool, I thought that for sure they were just going to release it for one season and then snatch it away...!