Monday, June 7, 2010

No More War

Sorry about the delays in posts! For some reason both Lacquermuse and myself have been having internet connectivity problems. :( I'm uploading a bunch of pictures all at once today, so hopefully updates can continue as usual for a while now! :)

Anyway, I wore No More War with a couple stickers for my birthday back in May. I really like this color and wore it once last winter. It's a very interesting swampy color and it goes on pretty well, although I realized after looking at these pictures that there are a couple places where you can see through the polish. It doesn't really dry, either, which was annoying. I ended up having to take it off the next day because it was just getting wrecked by packing up and moving out...

No flash, shadow:

Flash, shadow:

Another interesting thing about this polish is that it's the exact color of artichokes! I cooked a couple artichokes (trying to empty out the fridge, haha) and they really were the exact same color. I wanted to take a picture, but by that point they were in pretty bad shape and I didn't want to scare everyone. ;)


I think I bought these stickers on a Sally's run. I like them! They're on the thicker side, though, so I had to choose fairly flat nails to place them on. They're quite long, too, so I was glad that my nails had grown out enough to be able to use them!

edit I just found out that RBL will be bringing back No More War soon and it's now available for preorder on their website. :)

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