Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pure Energy!

This is one of my new favorite polishes, Pure Energy by Color Club!! I looove this color!! ♥ Check it out!

Natural light:

I tried it on back in late April on a whim and it really "blue" me away, haha. It's the brightest, neonest blue you could ask for and it applied like a dream! I think this is three coats, but that's in part because I do three automatically by now. Two probably would have been sufficient. I used Color Club's Vivid topcoat (really loving that one, too) and this lasted marvelously! I wore this for at least five days but could have gotten more wear out of it. I wasn't even tired of it when I decided to take it off. It was just that other people were doing their nails at the time and I didn't want to be left out, lol.

To really love this color, though, you need to see it in direct sunlight...

Wow! How blinding is that?! You can see that my camera was acting up a little with this picture, but it really was that bright blue. It was the same color as the swimming pool! :)

I did also put on a layer of OPI's Can't You Sea, but it didn't change the base color. Can't You Sea is an old (read: not Big Three Free) and very very sheer polish that Lacquermuse and I found when we wandered into this tiny mani/pedi place. They were selling a bunch of old polishes and Can't You Sea just looked too pretty to me to pass up, even if it has tons of nasty chemicals.

It really reminds me of OPI's And This Little Piggy..., especially in the bottle. They are similar tones of pink and blue and they both have the same sort of fleck glitter. I took a couple pictures of them side by side in natural and bright light for comparisons. If you enlarge these pictures, you can see that they both have the same yellow glitter mixed in with their pink/blue as well.

I brought both Pure Energy and Can't You Sea home with me and definitely plan on experimenting with them some more! :) They're just too much fun!


  1. love it !! remind me cg towel boy :)

  2. Ugh, i want this color so badly!! stunning on you!

  3. Lily nail: Isn't it fun? :) So summer-y!

    Reem: Thank you! I hope you can find it too!