Sunday, March 7, 2010


I went to a Rite Aid for the first time last month and found a whole bunch of brands I had never seen before. How exciting! I bought Scherer Chameleon Blue Frost since it had the prettiest light blue/purple duochrome going on, with a little bit of green around the edges. Unfortunately it didn't carry over that well onto the nail, but it was still a nice blue-silver that would decide to go duochrome at odd times.

Here's a picture of the bottle first. You can kind of see the purple here.

I had been looking forward to using the feathers from the new Konad plate (m77), and I thought this would be a good color to stamp it on. Birds in the clear sky!

I used Island Girl base coat and stamped with Island Girl Pineapple Plantation on top of Scherer Chameleon Blue Frost. It didn't really look done to me and I had really been looking forward to both the stamp and the color, so I added a blue rhinestone to my thumbs and finished it off with Konad top coat. ♥ I liked the result, but unfortunately it started chipping off the next day. Oh well!

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