Friday, March 5, 2010

Treasure Chest

Hello again! This is the manicure I did for Chinese New Year, since red and gold are lucky and I had been waiting for an excuse to try China Glaze Treasure Chest. :) The woman who runs the nail supply store I bought this from had it on her toes and it looked like gold foil. Pretty awesome!!

This took many layers since it is just a glitter and not really meant to give such full coverage, but it was fun and I liked the bling. It did chip relatively easily afterwards, but it was much smoother than I had expected it to be. These pictures don't show it, but it wasn't rough and bumpy at all! It was thick, but the individual pieces of glitter layered well.

I used Island Girl base and top coat and Jordana Black to stamp cherry blossoms (Konad S9). There are a bunch of cherry trees here and I'm really looking forward to the blossoms. ♥

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