Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Borghese Nail Lacquer

Having recently discovered Borghese nail lacquers at Rite-Aid, I wanted to do a mani with all Borghese products. For a base coat I am using Hydrati, a treatment designed to rehydrate nails. I used three coats of Botticelli Nude and stamped using Carnevale Grape. I used Konad plate m71, and topped it all off with Borghese Presto Fast Drying Top Coat. Three coats was enough to cover my staining and look relatively uniform, but it was not fully opaque, just milky/creamy. I think you could reach full opacity at around 5 coats, but I was satisfied with three.

I originally got Botticelli Nude as a mannequin nails color. It's close, but not quite right. I really like it, though, it's very soft and delicate. I feel very sophisticated wearing this.

Borghese nail lacquers supposedly contain micronized gemstones, and given that the brand was started by Italian royalty, there's no denying the glamour of these lacquers. Thankfully, the application makes me feel glamorous, too. I had minor streaking with Botticelli Nude, but the polish evened out nicely. These polishes tend to be creamier than many I've tried. They aren't watery in the slightest (I'm looking at you, OPI You Don't Know Jacques), nor are they thick and blobby. I am careful with my application, and going a bit slower made me feel very elegant and serene. Also, they dry quickly. Not like holos or neons do, but significantly quicker than most cremes I've tried, especially thick ones. And did I mention shiny? I swear these look wet for ages, they've got marvelously high gloss.

As for the topcoat, I think Presto dries polish more thoroughly. It is not dry instantly like Seche or Diamont, but dries the layers of polish quicker than either, so manis are less dentable. I experienced no tipwear, and polish does not need to be wet or tacky for this to work well; the box even suggests waiting at least 1-2 minutes before applying the topcoat. I'm loving this topcoat right now, but it does leave occasional brush strokes if you really look hard.

Borghese nail lacquers are pretty pricey, especially for a drugstore brand, and retail for about $8. The bottles only hold .4fl oz of lacquer, unlike the standard .5fl oz, so they really do fall on the pricier side. Their color selection is limited mostly to reds and pinks and other french tip appropriate shades, definitely mature and classic. Their Fashionista collection has much wilder colors, although the only one I have from there is Stellare Notte (which is still in my untrieds, but has plenty of swatches floating around). I've been very intrigued by Plummagio Purple, an interesting blueish purple shimmer but I fear it will be too blue for my skintone.

Have you tried any Borghese products? What do you think of them?

Until next time! <3


  1. Oh, i really love that kind of stamping, it's classy :)

  2. It really is! I really like how this one turned out. :)

  3. I have tried some and might add that their formula is top notch. Princess Marcella Borghese was high end beauty line years ago and way ahead of the times as far as natural, organic and color. They set the trend for all the pearly metallics you see today. $8. for a polish that would be 20+ is great. I use the presto top coat and it is a great product too. The polishes are 3free and there is no formaldehyde resin in it either. Their colors are sophistocated, classic and some collections are trendy and edgy. My polish usually lasts min. 4-5 days. Your nails look beautiful!