Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Little-Known Zoya Kaitlyn

Happy Girl's Day! Today I thought I would show you a rather rare (but not discontinued!) polish. I have never seen a swatch or reference to Zoya Kaitlyn. She just isn't very popular in the nail blogging world, it seems. Kaitlyn is an older Zoya, with no listed collection. Zoya ranks her as a sheer, with a 2/5 in opacity. They also list her as a cool-toned pink, but I think she's pretty neutral. Now, with my history of picking poor polishes, I like to see several swatches before I make my decisions. But Kaitlyn is my first name, spelling and all, so I was drawn to this polish. Because I take my pictures when I get home at night, they are all done under artificial light. The last one was taken with added flash.

Zoya Kaitlyn is a milky pink sheer. This is shown with four or five coats, because it was streaky the first time I wore it. However, I have swatched it since then with minimal difficulties, so I blame application at least partially. I believe this is designed to be a base for a french manicure, but I've never mastered those, so I wore it as is. The sheer color made my nails look very long, almost as if I were wearing artificial ones.

Because of the amount of coats I used to build up the color, I did not want to risk stamping with konad. My nails did look rather bare, though, so I decorated with some cherry blossoms from Konad's 3D stickers. I don't know if these have a number or not, but this particular sheet has pink and blue sakura on it. I used a yellow-out basecoat (the same that Aquajogger has already blogged about) that is notorious for chipping, and that plus the four+ coats is why I had to change my polish after only a couple days.

I never wear sheers because I have some staining lurking beneath all those layers of lacquer, but I quite enjoy Kaitlyn. It was certainly different for me, but I felt so chic. I'm sure I'll wear this again later in spring or even summer.

Until next time! <3

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  1. Such a cute mani! The color looks great on you and I love the little flowers you added!