Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day: Zoya Suvi

Happy Earth Day! Today I thought I would share a polish from Zoya, since they are known for being more eco-conscious. I chose Suvi, a lacquer I got from the Green Friday sale back in November. Suvi was thick and a bit goopy, but very pretty. The base is actually charcoal with an intense amount of green shimmer which turns it into a blackened emerald green color. I like how soft the Zoya brush is. With a little thinner I think it would be a dream to apply. This is three thick coats with no topcoat.

As you can see, I chopped my nails down to nothing. They feel very very short, I'm not sure I like them. They looked alright when I was filing (they were bare) but once I put some color on them they looked ultra-short! I hope they grow back soon!

Speaking of Zoya, they have brought back their famous Nail Polish Exchange for a limited time! From today until the 30th of June, you can trade in your old/unwanted colors for brand new Zoyas of your choice, and Zoya will properly dispose of the polishes sent to them. Unfortunately I think this is available only for those in the continental US. Find out more here.

Not only is it Earth Day, but it is also the birthday of my sweet "wild" abyssinian Gil. He turns 6 years old today! I thought I would show you a candid we took of him a few months ago. He has a special towel for when he eats catnip because he can be very messy with it!

Are you going to exchange some old polishes for some new Zoyas? What's on your list?

Until next time~!


  1. Gorgeous color, and cuuute kitty ! I love cats <3

  2. Hi´, just found your blog :) you have very pretty nails and pictures. Keep up the great work.

  3. Ayuu, thanks! I love cats too. This one is almost like a dog, haha. He comes when he's called and follows me around everywhere. ^^;

    AllYouDesire, thank you! That's a big compliment coming from you, your pictures always look so professional!