Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a mani I did a few weeks ago in anticipation of the cherry blossoms that show up in spring all around my campus. :) I used Sinful Colors Dancing Nails and stamped plate s9 with Island Girl Pineapple Plantation. Pineapple Plantation is a really nice white for stamping with. I wouldn't want to paint my nails with it, since it looks really stark and chalky, but it's quite thick and is easily picked up by the stamper.


No flash:

You'll have to enlarge the pictures to see, but I also put a layer of Nfu.Oh 38 on top of Dancing Nails before stamping. The effect was pretty subtle. I didn't want to put too many layers and make the surface rough. I enjoyed wearing this, even if I wish the pink would have come out a little warmer and less metallic. I originally bought it to stamp with, but the formula wasn't thick enough... :( This plate is one of my favorites, though, so I liked having it on my nails anyway!


  1. nice konadicure !!!
    i do one next week and i love it!!!
    i love sakura :)

  2. I love sakura flowers, they're so cute !
    Nice and cute mani :)

  3. Thanks! ^^ I'm glad you both liked it. Sakura really are nice, aren't they? ♥