Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Color Club Wild at Heart

After I swatched Wild at Heart, I immediately wanted a backup. When I received the backup, though, I realized they were a bit different. I applied one to each hand, and was surprised to see that the holo in them was inconsistent. I apologize in advance for my camera's poor macro, but I thought you could get the idea from these pictures, so I thought I would share. All pictures were taken without topcoat, as I didn't want to alter the effect. Unfortunately I got a lot of tipwear because I didn't use topcoat. :(

This was my original bottle. The holo is present but not strong.

My backup bottle. Holo was much easier to detect here.

Scattered Holo Closeup:

Linear Holo Closeup:

Scattered Holo:

Linear Holo:

Scattered Holo (partial sun):

Linear Holo (partial sun):

Both are more holo than they appear. The newer Wild at Heart has much stronger linear holographic particles, the older one has weaker, scattered holo. I noticed the backs of the bottles were different, as well, so I assume they are simply from slightly different batches. Neither are holo like the China Glaze OMG holos, but they're still gorgeous. I much prefer darker colors, so Wild at Heart is a favorite for me regardless.

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