Friday, April 16, 2010

Claire's Earthy/Happy

I'm here to share some pictures of Claire's Earthy/Happy! I didn't think the color changing effect would be so much fun to play with, but it really is. This polish was super distracting for me in class, as I would play around and see if I could get the green to change to that bright highlighter yellow...

Check it out!

No flash:


Sorry about the wear and the huge chip on my pointer. I put Zoya Armor on top of this and later wished I hadn't. It ate some of the brightness of this polish. It was still very bright and fun and went on without problems (I think this is three coats), but you can see by my cuticles where the top coat started to chip off and the yellow is just a little bit more blinding...

This reminded me of those shirts that were popular in the 90s that would change from a black and white design to something with color~! when exposed to sunlight. It's not really the same thing, but equally fun. All in all I was really pleased with the way this worked.

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  1. I love those mood polishes, I like this one a lot even if I'm not a yellow person at all ;)