Sunday, April 18, 2010

Claire's Mood Nail Polish: Calm/Wild

I apologize for the abruptness of this post. The charger for my computer is on its last legs, so I'm trying to use it sparingly. This is a slightly older mani, before I cropped my nails down. I wanted to post while this polish was still available. Claire's Mood nail polish! This is calm/wild, a purple-to-pink polish and the only one with glitter (silver) in the collection. I believe there are five? total, but this is the only one that really caught my eye.

When I was a little girl I had a pair of pants that had one purple leg and one pink leg. Those were my favorite colors, so you can imagine how much I loved those pants. Even though I wasn't sure the colors would be flattering on my skintone (it looked cooler toned and I am neutral/warm), I just had to get this one in honor of my favorite pants. The first trip to Claire's they had already sold out of this color, but when they restocked a couple weeks later I pounced on it. The colors on my pants were a bit deeper, but this is very reminiscent of them:

The pink does get brighter than this when exposed to heat (such as hot water, etc), but I am usually on the colder side, so it did not get really bright when I wore it.

I'm waiting for when they invent polish that changes to a myriad of colors. This will hold me over 'til then, though. ;)

How do you feel about color-changing polish like this? At least it's an easy way to get a colorful french if your nails are long enough!

Until next time!


  1. I love these mood polishes! So jealous ha ha! I think this is my favorite of the bunch, very pretty!

  2. Oh god, this one is my fave ... I wish I could get the hand on those polishes ^^

  3. your nails looked really nice at that length! This was my favorite of the Claire's mood polishes, I think, it's pretty!

  4. soo pretty!!! your nails are so beautiful too ;) i don't find this nail polishes here :( I think this one is my favorite ^^

  5. Michèle, thank you! This was my favorite too, purple-to-pink with silver glitter is hard to beat, haha.

    Ayuu, it is pretty, isn't it? Hopefully you will find some soon. ;)

    manicuremania, thanks! I hope they grow back there soon, I like them that long as well. :)

    Pakita, thank you! So far as I know, this is unfortunately a USA/CAN exclusive. :(

    Lily nail, thank you!